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Everything including known and unknown to us in any form must have been existed somewhere or else for quite some time, if it still exists. To me and most of us nothing (no-thing) is birthless. Everything other than this no-thing must have a birth.

"The birth of zero is not possible why?

because its nothing, no-thing means zero!
Only nothing is birthless. Anything other than zero has a birth, without birth creation is impossible. Anything and everything, which exists then, must have a death also." I started pondering upon this for several years. I used to ask myself "what could have gone wrong if there would have been no creation at all but only an absolute nothingness, infinite hollowness a ZERO ?

I think of immortality and find that it would be possible only if there is no birth or beginning, anything and everything which exists in this eternity has a birth and therefore must have a death. Thus I conclude that --"NOTHING is immortal". Try to understand this, this seems very simple but it is not that simple!

"NOTHING is immortal"

just replace the word "NOTHING" by "ZERO"

"ZERO is immortal" I am not wrong since, ZERO = NOTHING.

Once again I make myself very clear that, ONLY zero(nothing)is immortal. Entire known and unknown creation seems to be discontinuities in this zero.

Now let me talk about "GOD", every man in this world will agree with me that "only GOD is immortal", "GOD is infinite" provided one believes in GOD.

I find myself at such a point where I can say, either any one of the following sentences should be wrong or both should have same meaning.

"only ZERO is immortal"................(1)
"only GOD is immortal"................(2)

I have to agree that "only zero is uncreated", but I feel "GOD is also Uncreated " . How can two uncreated things differ from each other?

Thus I have three more sentences as follows,

"ZERO is uncreated"....................(3)
"GOD is uncreated"....................(4)
"Two uncreated things must be same"....(5)

WHAT!!! "GOD IS ZERO" / "ZERO IS GOD"........(6)

I could not stop at sentence no.5, one more step was obvious.

Did I go wrong? The answer is "NO", because logic very rarely goes wrong that too not by itself but by its operators. Logic is very simple and simple things do not go wrong. Only the difficult one may go wrong.


Yes it is, in its shape and in its meaning. In every language of numbers the shape of zero is continuous. Without a zero the word mathematics will have no more deep significance and without nothingness (meaning of zero) creation has no meaning at all, because whenever a creation takes place it takes place in an emptiness ,in a hollowness or in a zero.


No number is as beautiful as zero. No number is as powerful as zero, because no other number can create infinity except zero. Anything upon zero gives you infinity. Only zero can be infinite, only zero is having potential of becoming infinite. Anything other than zero will always and always be finite. Hence to me zero is the most beautiful, most powerful and immortal. To me
it is just not like GOD but it is "THE GOD".


Infinite to me is something without an end and a beginning, the limit-less in all the directions. Yes if you look at zero you will find it has no beginning and no end not only on paper but if you could imagine a continuous emptiness in your mind, you will find it really does not have a beginning and an end.
To identify a point as a beginning one needs some demarcation over it but zero remains the same and continuous at every point, thus the symbol "O" is very correct and I am proud that this is India's contribution to the world. Only the shape of this symbol remained unchanged worldwide other wise we have different symbols for representing numbers in different languages. So why does only this symbol remained unchanged? The answer is, any change in its shape which makes it non-continuous will not carry the meaning of it.

My question was "what is infinite" the simple answer will be "endless from every direction" if it is so we all are a part of this infinity because we all are finite entities if considered physically. Its quite obvious that entire-entire creation is a part of this "infinity", here I want to make a pause.


Let us think about infinity or something which is infinite. Just go on imagining of any infinite object! Can you do this? The answer is "NO"! Since there is no object without boundaries. Every object has to have its boundaries, its shape, its characteristics etc. so we are a part of infinite which is not an object. Now my mind is giving up, at this conclusion that entire creation (or an object) is a part of something non objective. Or simply an object is a part of non-object !

Yes because there is "nothing" that can be infinite except zero or God, there is nothing wrong if I say,

I am a part of infinite zero or a part of God ....... (8)

I have been taught or its a common feeling "something can't be a part of Nothing " or "1 cant be a part of 0" but "1 can be/is a part of 1/0".

Just give a little bit of mental stress on these two quotes,

Now only zero is having the potential of becoming infinite and if we consider the second quote we can see " one can also become infinite when it is divided by zero " hence so forth anything can become infinite when it is divided by zero. Hence the simple conclusion that only a zero can give birth to infinite. Now consider this

ONE/ZERO (i.e. one divided by zero) = INFINITE ZEROS.......this is precise mathematics

In schools and colleges we have been taught not this precisely. What we have been taught is..

ONE/ZERO = INFINITY ....... this may be correct but not precise.

Lets have little fun with math's.
125/25 = twentyfive divisions of 125 = 5 twentyfives
125/5 = five divisions of 125 = 25 fives
125/1 = one division of 125 = 125 ones
125/0 = zero division of 125 = infinite zeros

similarly we can say

1/0 = infinite zeros! What is the sum of these infinite numbers of zeros?
Its again a zero! So if I say "1/0 = 0" not a single mathematician in this world is going to agree with me. Why? because each of these scholars have been taught math's in a traditional way and tradition does not bring any revolution. For a revolution to happen in one's life one must go ahead in an untraditional way.


IF NO, there is a message for you on the last page of this book.

IF YES, I will not tell you to agree with "1/0 = 0", its upto you to believe or not. I am not arguing with you, because for argument you need someone and I say that I am not that someone, I am an absolute zero deep down in my real essence. This book starts with "ZERO" and ends with "ZERO", in between also I have written nothing else but ZERO.

For understanding all the coming chapters of this book you need to have a clear cut meaning of word "ZERO" and number "0". First of all I prefer that "ZERO" should not be called as a number, because to me calling "ZERO" a number makes it very shallow, it looses its real meaning, it no more remains a zero but it becomes a number. Sometimes whenever necessary it can be taken as a number for understanding some logic but not all the time. If you want to see "ZERO" just close your eyes and its in front of you. On paper you cant see a "ZERO" what you see is the indication or symbol used for expressing this feeling. This symbol"0" is also very correct, it just cant be further simplified. This is the best way it can be expressed so that it can convey a feeling to you.

The symbol of "zero" shows an empty space inside of it, and I want you to see the empty space inside not the boundaries of it because the real "zero" does not have boundaries. The problem of majority of us is that we see the boundaries of "zero" and miss the empty space within. Throughout all these chapters I want you to see the empty space of "ZERO" and not the boundaries, because boundaries simply don't exist.

Lets have little more fun with mathematics.

Lets consider a variable, say 'X' such that it may have any value starting
from 1 to n, where n is a real number (n=1,2,3,.....).
Then for any value of n we have,

X/X = 1 or X(1/X) = 1

or X(X ^-1) = 1

or X^0 = 1 that is " X to the power ZERO is equal to ONE".

So when any number is raised to the power of ZERO it gives one, this is strictly in accordance with mathematics. So I am having two more conclusions for numbering,



Here I have purposely used word "ANYTHING" instead of "ANY NUMBER", because I don't want to teach you mathematics you already know too much that you have missed its significance. It is a common human nature, whenever something is more than required it we loose it's significance. It is like, you are very-very thirsty, just about to die with thirst and suddenly you come across a river, how much water you can have? A glass, or two but what if somebody throws you in the river and you don't know how to swim, then how much water you will have? or water will have you? The same thing has happened, we have been taught so much math's, science, technology, history & philosophy that we don't posses this knowledge, it is otherwise, we have been possessed by this knowledge. We have been carried too far from ZERO, from SELF that we have lost our own significance.

Lets go back to division i.e. sentence no.(10),
Anything raised to the power zero gives one, do you feel a depth in this?
Yes there is a depth in it but the next question arises, How to raise to the power of zero? Mathematics teaches you easily using numbers how to divide a number by itself so as to get one, but it cant teach you how you can be divided by yourself to get one and THE ONLY ONE which IS.

Remember dividing anything by itself is annihilation in such a way that it makes you one. Entire mathematics is nothing but a play of "ONE" and "ZERO", similarly this entire creation is a play of "NOTHING" and "SOMETHING" You can get any number out of 1 & 0 by just simply playing with these two. If you want you can try right now, just give a pause to reading.


It could have been so beautiful, if we could play with "something" and "nothing" exactly as we played with "0" and "1". By this time perhaps you could have made a million dollars! But it is not so easy to play with these two, for that one will have to realize that he/she is "ONE" with "ZERO". Now what is this becoming one with zero? It is something that can not be explained exactly. Don't think that by saying this I am trying to escape from the question, no its not so because if this entire book put together then also you will find that you are just very near to the answer. Not only this book but if you could read entire encyclopedia of science and philosophy then also you will be just at the periphery of the answer not inside it. For once you "SOME HOW" enter in it, a very strange thing happens, you yourself become the answer and suddenly there is no question at all. At that moment you are the answer to every question but there remains no question. Your every questions vanish. Then you start laughing, the laughter is such that you cant stop it because you feel that there was no need of taking this play of creation so seriously you could have come to the answer much earlier and more easily than this. There was no need of wasting so much of time.

Instead of asking "what is,' becoming one with zero'?" I should have asked "How to become one with zero?" then there may be various answers because very few people will understand the question, and whenever a question is not understood properly there will be thousands of answers to it. This world is full of such people, without understanding the problem they are ready with thousands of solutions, you just have to try which one fits in.

One needs to understand the question first. The difficult part of question is "one" and most simplest part seems to be "zero". Yes this one is very difficult because its "YOU", every "YOU" and "I" is nothing but a separate, individual "ONE" ,(Here I have used word individual, don't take it in it's logical or mathematical significance.) which is the most important part of the question. So my question becomes a little bit more simplified.

How to become "I" with "ZERO"?

.....and I say without zero you cant become that "I", this is not an ordinary I but this "I" is very special one, in this "I" every 'you' and 'me' are confined, this is a UNIVERSAL, ETERNAL AND IMMORTAL "I". The journey is from our own individual I, to this universal "I", but for making our journey fast we need to do something, otherwise evolution will take a very-very long time and unnecessarily we will get the pain, the sufferings, the ups and downs ,the daily trauma ,temporal happiness and so on without an end. So this is a trap, an illusion that you are a very very small 'I', some how every "you" and every "me" has to come out of this illusion. Only those people who are utterly unsatisfied with this world not because their material desires are not met, but for they know what their thirst is for, (The thirst of knowing the answer of the most fundamental questions "who am I?" , "why do I exist?", "what was the need of creation?", "who created me?" and so on.) can do something to shorten ones own journey to the destination "universal I". This journey is such that every individual 'I', has to take his/her own steps. Yes one can get help how to move faster in right direction, but that's all, no one can take you there. If somebody claims that he/she will take you there, then there are some conditions to be met by you, and those conditions are nothing but indirectly making you walk by saying "you should deserve".

It is very clear, only someone who is walking towards a destination, deserves to reach. Thus deserving is nothing but walking towards it. Hence I say to take your own steps nobody can take you there. Only those who are stagnant for the time being don't deserve, but this stagnation is temporal. These are those people who are not yet, haunted by thirst of knowing oneself. They are just few steps behind you, rather they are at a stage where you were once, when this thirst was not arisen in you. Don't forget that all those ones which exist on this Earth and beyond are nothing but part of "YOU", you don't feel it because you have not reached the " UNIVERSAL I". What is to be remembered is that, one should not ignore every other one, because in utter nudity of truth, there is no difference between your feeling of I, and his/her feeling of I. Both are same and one, but on the surface they seem individuals.

Just now you cant say that, he is me, she is also me, the cat is me and the rat which is in the mouth of this cat is also me! Can you say? No! at this stage you cant say yes, because yet you have not reached the destination," UI " just for the simplicity (UNIVERSAL I = UI , which includes every YOU & I).


You must have travelled so many times from one place to another, has this ever happened to you that you were travelling to, say "New York" and suddenly when you reach New York and you find that you are no more Mr. Soandso! You have become New York city itself! or LasVegas itself!? What will be your joy, don't get overjoyed while becoming LasVegas. I am sure your answer will be "NO." Isn't it a very strange imagination? NO! This is the absolute reality that when you travel with your own individual I towards UI, you don't reach at UI but you become THE UI itself. Then entire NewYork, LasVegas, entire world, each living and non living entity, every particle of dust, every drop of ocean, the Sun & the moon, innumerable stars, entire universe, the infinity is nothing but YOU, you have become everything which can be made by playing with "NOTHING" and "SOMETHING".

My question was How to become "I" with "ZERO"?

Now I can write this question as follows...

How to become "UI" with "ZERO"?

Now some of you may feel that I am contradicting my self, since your logic may say that "UI" is nothing but infinite "ZERO" with the awareness of I, but then you have missed the context. Our problem is to reach to the destination "UI" and then decide is it zero or not if, required! As compared to analogy, logic is very weak, because analogy may have different meanings every time you go through it, but logic will have only one meaning one plus one will always give you two, as many times you do it. Logic is very finite and by using finite don't try to confine infinite, because it needs an other infinite to confine this infinite and there can be only one infinity!

There is no space left for another infinity to exist. Thus there is always something which is not possible. Those who say there is nothing impossible, they are also right because they have said this in a different context. There is no use of arguing with these people because under that context what they said was right.

Let us take an example, I say that,


Can you share loneliness? The very moment you start sharing loneliness with someone, you loose it. So there is no question of sharing loneliness logically. Only philosophers can share their loneliness because each of them may have a different abstract method of sharing, under totally different context. For they are the men/women of analogy, they are miles and miles away from logic. They may share their loneliness with some thoughts or past memories or with their own self created concept of GOD.

Otherwise logically it is impossible to share loneliness.

Lets move back to our question,

How to become "UI" with "ZERO"?
or How to become "UI" using "ZERO"?

Don't forget that we have to reach our destination "UI" and for making our journey fast we will have to use something or other, otherwise it will take many-many reincarnations by normal method of evolution to reach to the destination. We need to finish this journey in this lifetime only, for many of us don't believe in the concept of reincarnation and those who believe are not having one hundred percent faith. There is a very small doubt and this doubt is quite obvious because normally we don't remember a single of our past incarnations. It is always better to reach home in time. I feel that we all are very late, we are moving very slowly and that too in an uncertain direction which we have got imposed on us by our narrow traditions. Our journey is such that when we reach to our destination we become the destination itself automatically. If one does not become, it is for sure that one has not reached the destination yet.

Now, How to use this zero? In a fact it is nothing! And how can you make your journey faster by using nothing? And I say only using nothing you can travel faster!


Before going ahead let us see the logical and scientific part of this sentence. Whenever a particle moves on, its kinetic energy (K.E.) is contributed in two parts one part increases its mass and other increases its velocity.

K.E. = 1/2 mv^2

or v = (2K.E./m)^1/2...................(0.1)

where K.E.= the kinetic energy of the particle,
m = the mass of the particle,
and v = the velocity of the particle.

According to great physicist Sir Albert Einstein this equation on quantum mechanical scale(on microscopic scale) gives the equation of mass and energy conversion. On quantum mechanical scale potential energies of particles become very negligible and hence their total energy can be stated as

E = mc^2 where, c = the speed of light = 300000 km/sec

or c = (E/m)^1/2.........................(0.2)

In above two equations one thing is for sure, if we need to move faster we need to go on dropping our mass, lesser the mass faster we can reach our destination, but wait! According to our great scientists there is a limit to the speed, beyond "ONE" can never travel with and that is the speed of light.

These scientists are very correct, because their conclusions are based on some concrete practical facts, logically they can not be argued upon. Scientific discoveries are nothing but small steps towards evolution in a logical way which an average person understands very easily. Whereas the way of great masters is a little bit difficult to understand, and their ways are always misunderstood by majority of people, because philosophy is very difficult to understand, but once understood the journey does not take much time. You can reach the destination at any moment of this lifetime alone. You don't need to wait for long.

So I was saying that you need to use zero so that you can reach the the destination fast. At this point every physicist will agree with me as I am not violating any of their above two equations.

But in order to become "UI",'I' should be aware of entire state of infinite number of universes in a single split moment and it is not possible unless 'I' attains infinite speed or grows to infinity. For attaining this infinite speed I should have a "ZERO" mass (not only at rest but while moving also!).Just substitute m = 0 in either of above equations, what you get is the infinite speed! Hence I say, we should use "ZERO" so as to become "UI".

Let us see one more interesting equation given by Einstein which gives the mass of a particle "m" when it moves with a certain velocity "v" with reference to an observer at rest, in-terms of the mass of the same particle, when the particle was at rest " m° ".

m = m°/(1 - v^2/c^2)^1/2.................(0.3)

where c = speed of light

now suppose that there exists such a particle which is travelling with the twice the speed of light , i.e. v = 2c the above equation gives,

m = m°/(-3)^1/2 = m°/(-1)^1/2 * (3)^1/2
square root of -1 is called "i", such that i*i = -1
this number is called imaginary number, this number has given birth to all imaginary numbers, e.g. A number can be represented as 125i = (-125)^1/2.

therefor we have,
m = m°/1.732i

or m° = 1.732mi

This conclusion is having a very important significance. This equation implies that if there exist such particles which can travel with a speed more than that of light then their rest mass (mass of particle when it is not moving with respect to the observer) should have imaginary value! Or the mass of particle should remain at the most zero not more than this, at any value of velocity.

Theoretical existence of such particles is possible because such an assumption does not violate any of known scientific laws. Such imaginary particles are called "Tachyons" a name given by theoretical physicists. So far known lightest and fastest particle is called a "Photon" which is having a zero rest mass i.e. the light particle when it is at rest, it's mass is zero. Our brain gets sensation of light through our eyes only when these particles are moving into our eyes and striking on retina with their full energies. According to their different energies (corresponding to their frequencies) we see different colours and images. Point to be remembered is that light particles at rest are zero mass particles.


It is very clear that light particles in motion have got some small mass, and this very own mass of these particles does not allow them to travel with a speed more 300000 km/sec. because at this speed if some extra energy is imparted on these particles in order to increase their velocity, the entire amount will be used in such a way that only kinetic energy will get increased by increasing the mass of these particles. Rather there is a possibility that velocity may get lowered with increasing mass. So far, to my knowledge physicists yet have not tried to increase the velocity of light particles. For past so many decades they were trying to split atoms and their constituents into further smaller units and indeed they have come up with very good results which reveal that there are in all six basic constituents which together have formed all the other particles. These particles have been named as "Quarks", there are three "Top Quarks" and three "Bottom Quarks". Further research is on, there are physicists who are trying to split these Quarks so that they can discover the basic unit of, our material existence. Unless and until they meet something which they think cant be further divided, they won't stop because this is a logical effort of evolution and evolution has many directions not only a spiritual one.

In order to move faster than speed of light a particle should have it's rest mass much more lesser than zero! That is why these particles if exist are called imaginary particles or immaterial particles. Please note that in equation no. (0.1) and (0.2) mass 'm' is supposed to be rest mass of the particles, so don't be under an impression that at any speed, mass will remain the same. Don't take these equations on the scale of classical mechanics, for simply because we are talking of high velocities of quantum mechanical scale.

Just recollect our former sentence,


and here I will like to add a small patch to it,


This is the conclusion which I want you to understand deeply. This is just not a logical conclusion but there is a vast hidden message which needs to be understood more deeply than the logical one.

Now I know you agree with me logically, but there is a great fear rising in you. The fear is that if you loose all your mass then what will reach to the destination? Your ghost! And once again utterly I say 'YES', but that ghost will not be an ordinary ghost that will be THE HOLY GHOST, your real self,

your own I and as soon as you reach you will realize that even this I is not an I but The UNIVERSAL I, Since the moment you reach the destination, you become the destination.

Substituting the value m = 0 does not take you to the destination, it was just a logic to make you understand the role of zero in our basic question i.e. how to become one with zero? And the last simplification of it, was How to become "UI" using "ZERO"?

In terms of practical philosophy the question is still unanswered. What we have seen is logical use of "ZERO" in becoming "UI". As I said earlier that logic is very simple but same ease is not possible for understanding which is infinite and beyond our mental conception. For that you will need some preparation, some learning and some unlearning. Don't jump to the last chapter of this book in a hurry, I will suggest you to read less and ponder more only then you will get ready for "THE JOURNEY BACK TO ZERO".

------end of chapter one. "THE JOURNEY BACK TO ZERO" by S.S.THAKUR
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Dear... Just be a zero... By simply witnessing your natural breath n being still n focus on Who am I with every breath.... C the miracle if you could continue this for at least an hour daily ....